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Sustain our mission in 2020

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Our neighbors in need walk into our little yellow house on Reisterstown’s Main Street six days week seeking food, personal hygiene items, clothing – and compassion. All kinds of life experiences bring them through our door.

One neighbor, a single mother, lost her job unexpectedly and needs food until she can secure her next job. A retired couple with only social security as income find themselves on too tight of a budget to afford groceries. And a working couple with two young children fighting to make ends meet visit us monthly for basic food items.

We, unfortunately, can share many more stories of hardship. Instead, we want to tell more success stories such as when former clients stop me in the grocery store to thank CCC for our help and to update me on how well they’re now doing.

You can help your neighbors in their time of need. Please consider filling their grocery bags.

In 2018, the Community Crisis Center, Inc. (CCC) distributed more than 2,800 bags of groceries to 1,159 households in Glyndon, Reisterstown and Owings Mills. Your monetary donation will allow us to make available more groceries and toiletries – and at a much lower cost than what we would pay at a grocery store. CCC purchases its food in bulk from the Maryland Food Bank at significantly reduced prices. Our grocery bag costs us $22.06 whereas a bag purchased from a retail grocery store costs $53.06 – 42% more!

Help today by making a donation to fill a grocery bag for $22.06. Or consider donating…

  • $44.12 to feed a family of two
  • $66.18 to feed a family of four
  • $110.30 to feed a family of six