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Help Hungry Neighbors During the Pandemic and Beyond

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Every Monday evening and Saturday morning the Community Crisis Center, Inc. (CCC) stands ready to serve individuals and families in need of emergency food during the pandemic. We're masked, gloved, and determined to help our neighbors during this critical time.

Our dedicated volunteers served 11,935 households between March 23rd and December 31st.. This is over a 500% increase in our services. We now buy food from the Maryland Food Bank every week instead of once a month as we struggle to feed more people than ever before.

We need your help.

Although we can no longer greet people at the front door of our little yellow house on Main Street, we’re giving neighbors food in our driveway and at their doorsteps. We see current clients, but we’re also meeting many more new neighbors in our community and beyond. Parents seeking food for their children who normally eat free or reduced-price meals at school. Neighbors now without jobs and little to no savings as they await unemployment benefits.

One of our newest clients, Rodney lost his job as a motor coach operator for a local bus company because of the pandemic. He had never been to emergency food pantry like CCC to get help, until now.

“I had to set aside my pride to come here today,” Rodney shared. “A closed mouth will never get fed… you have to reach out for help. I want to tell people that you have to keep pushing every single day, just keep pushing.”

We’re all affected by the pandemic, but many of us are hurting more than others. Please donate $5, $10, $20, $50, whatever amount you can to help us feed our neighbors during this crisis.

Thank you and stay safe…

Community Crisis Center, Inc.