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Help Hungry Neighbors During the Pandemic and Beyond

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Even as there is a light at the end of the dark Covid tunnel, the Community Crisis Center, Inc. (CCC), continues to serve clients at record levels.
From January - November 2021, CCC has served 11,673 households with 40,136 individuals. Similarly, in 2020, we served a total of 11,935 households. In 2019, however, in stark comparison, we served 1,273 households. The story behind these numbers is: many families are still in need and your generous support remains essential.
But families who have been struggling will need time to recover and get back on solid financial ground. CCC has been a lifeline for many of these families and they continue to rely on us for critical supplemental help.
As you, our devoted supporter, understands so well, food is essential but it is not the only essential; there are other critical items that struggling families need as well. Imagine caring for a baby without diapers or trying to get by without sufficient feminine hygiene items. These items are essential, expensive, and not covered by food assistance programs. Thanks to our supporters, CCC continues to provide these items and more, fulfilling our mission to: address hunger and hardship in our community by providing our clients with emergency food and essentials, rebuilding hope and self-reliance.

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic, but many of us are hurting more than others. Please donate $5, $10, $20, $50, or whatever amount you can to help us support our neighbors when they need it most .

Thank you and stay safe…

Community Crisis Center, Inc.